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Aisling.net How to paint an apple, with oil paints.
Art Graphica Free art lessons The Tranquil Sea (oil painting) - Grand Canyon (oil painting) - Dog Portrait (watercolour) - Girl Amongst Bamboo (oil painting) - Elfin Cove (oil painting) - New Zealand Landscape (oil painting) - Springtime Glory (oil painting) - Littlehampton Beach (acrylics) - Alyssa's Portrait (watercolours) - St. Peter's Church, Dorset (pen and Ink) - Irish Connemara Hills (watercolour) - Rocky Mountains (oil painting) - English Rural Landscape (oil painting) - New!
Art Studio: Acrylic Painting - a text-based guide to the basics of working with the acrylics, covering the grades, forms and characteristics of paint, types of brushes available, surfaces and more Paint - Brushes - Surfaces - Other Tools and Materials - FAQ's
Barbara Simmons Colors The Color Brown - Brown part2 - Using the Color Wheel - Tints, Tones and Shades - Color Properties - Using Color Swatches - Shadows - Shadow Color - More on Shadows - The 12 Color Wheel - Color Wheel, Part 2 - Color Wheel, Part 3 - Greens mixed with a broader range of colors - Working with Blues - Working with Violet - Red Revisited - Yellow Dominance - Working with a large Pallette Selection - Guidelines for creating a successful painting. - Summer Greens - Springtime Greens - The Tetrad - Variation of the Tetrad - The Third Tetrad - Mixing Color - A Continuation of Gradation - Semi-neutral or Neutral Colors - Warm/Cool - Warm/Cool Relationships - Color Dominance - Grey - More Grey - Blue - Yellow - Red
Composition, design - The Area of Focus - The Area of Focus, Part II - Area Of Interest - Making Composition Decisions - What do YOU see? - Composition Editing - Principles & Elements of Design - The design principle Dominance - Focal Area - Positive Shapes - Negative Space
Painting from photo Composition from Photos - Personal Photo as Reference - Working with Photo References
Misceleanous Poppy Demo (acrylic) - Floral demo in acrylic -Tree Demo - Painting Outside - Composition with a Model - Demonstration of Clothed Model - The Light Source - Liquid acrylic and liquid drawing gum. - New!
Blick Art Materials Lesson plans Crayon Rubbings - Bugs! - Castles - Ceramic Tile Paintings - Checker Board - Corrugated Cardboard Pictures - Creative Papermaking - Flexible Torn Paper Journal - Glass Mosaic Panels or Tiles - Gouache and Wood Burned Designs - Graphs Use Art and Math
Handmade Books - Minimal Animals - Monoprinting with Watercolor Markers - Paper Weaving - Pastel Glue Pictures - Positive and Negative Space - Pumpkin Carving - Repetitive Patterns - Soft Sculpture - Stencil City - Texture Critters - Torn Paper Pictures - Watercolor Self-Portraits - Wire Weave
Woodsies "Extraordinaire" - Abstract Planes in Paper Sculpture - Cast Handmade Paper - Figurative Slot Sculptures - Light-capturing Cut Paper Designs - Mardi Gras Masks - Native American Shields - Oriental Banners - Paper Relief Sculpture - Peter Max Style Ties - Relief Drawing
Blockx One of the most famous finest quality artists colors maker,in Belgium. Dissolved amber and art Amber varnish - History and characteristics - Directions for use - Questions and answers - New!
Chinese Ink Painting Lesson 1 The Preparation - Lesson 2 The Preliminary Technical Studies - Lesson 3 The Way Of Using Ink - Lesson 4 Practice Line Drawing - Lesson 5 The Way Of Using Color - Lesson 6 The Technique OF Flower Painting - Lesson 7 The Elaborate Style - Outline and Coloration technique
Creative Spotlite Painting lessons Aspen Grove Study - Cienega (animal) -
Currys Encaustic Painting - Painting Metal -New Acrylics Complete Guide - Brush shape (pdf) - Painting from photographic reference - Painting Tiger Eyes - Painting Landscape on Red Ground - Basics of Colour Psychology - Waterdrop Demonstration - Acrylic Portrait Demonstration - Origami art and painting - Plein ait paintig in acrylics - Painting Lake Louise and the Rocky Mountains - Waterfall Demo - Equipment & materials - Sitting portrait of Maria - Create optical mixtures : landscape - Which white should I use?
Currys New!
DMOZ Links to websites giving tutorials New!
FARP Watercolor Technique Acrylic Painting - an illustrated, instructional article that provides an oviewview to acrylic painting, covering what acrlics are, the brushes, paints and other tools used, painting surfaces, canvas preparation, impasto, glazing and straight-from-the-tube techniques and more
Learn To Do Acrylic lesson Color theory : creating atm- osphere (PDF) - How to create an old wall - - - - New! reprendre
Lesson Plans Page   Painting  Pre-kids Using Karo Syrup to create Art (Can be used for Special Education) - A 4th of July lesson involving making a simulated fireworks display - Paint a Picture of what you want to be; an Art and Social Studies lesson - Here's an Art idea for creating a "Sheet Of Color" - This Art idea uses Karo Syrup for Painting with - Here's a unique idea - Jell-O Painting! - An interesting idea called "Painting With Mud" - This Art lesson involves Painting (or Drawing) Sunsets and Landscapes and some Geology study too
Grade 2-3   Using Karo Syrup to create Art (Can be used for Special Education) - A 4th of July lesson involving making a simulated fireworks display - Paint a Picture of what you want to be; an Art and Social Studies lesson - Here's a unique idea - Jell-O Painting! - This Painting lesson is on Janet Fish's Still Lifes - This Art lesson involves Painting (or Drawing) Sunsets and Landscapes and some Geology study too
Grades 4-5 Using Karo Syrup to create Art (Can be used for Special Education) - This Painting lesson is on Janet Fish's Still Lifes - This Art lesson involves Painting (or Drawing) Sunsets and Landscapes and some Geology study too  
Grades 6-7 Using Karo Syrup to create Art (Can be used for Special Education) - This Art lesson involves Painting (or Drawing) Sunsets and Landscapes and some Geology study too - Here's a brief idea for creating Parodies of the American Gothic Painting
Junior/ High school Photography is the subject of this lesson involving Dorthea Lange's Migrant Mother - Here's a brief idea for creating Parodies of the American Gothic Painting
Multiple/ Other This lesson on Violence involves creating Memorials for September 11th through Poems & Painting

NCArt Museum North Carolina Museum of Art. Lesson plans Edgar Degas, Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen, - Claude Monet, Charing Cross Bridge (“Reflections on the Thames”), - Vincent van Gogh¸ Landscape with Figures, - Paul Gauguin, Upaupa Schneklud (The Player Schneklud), - Paul Signac, Quay at Clichy, - Henri Rousseau, View of the Quai d’Ivry near the Port à l’Anglais, Seine (Family Fishing), - Pablo Picasso, Woman with Bangs, - Henri Matisse, Large Reclining Nude - Henri Matisse2, Seated Odalisque, Left Knee Bent, Ornamental Background and Checkerboard
Oil Painting - a text-based instructional guide to the major aspects of oil painting technique, covering surfaces, easels, brushes, palettes, mediums, varnishes, solvents, other tools, oil painting techniques and more tips Surfaces - Easels - Brushes - Palettes - Mediums, Varnishes, and Solvents - Other tools - Oil Painting Techniques - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) - Dictionary
Oil Painting Tutorials Illustrated, online tutorials which explain painting methods based on predominant techniques of pre-twentieth century Western oil painting  A brief history of oil painting - Definition of oil painting terms - Drying Oils and Mediums - Resins and Varnishes - Pigments Past - Pigments Present - Pigment Chemistry -  Supports for Painting - Grounds for Canvas and Linen -  Techniques of Past Masters - Discussion with a National Gallery Conservator Painting Demos Demonstration 1 : "Marble Walls" A neoclassical figurative work. Process Similar to Flemish Technique.- Demonstration 2: "Olivia and Natalie Lebamoff" A portrait of two girls using a blue underpainting as Bouguereau was said to do in some of his works.- Demonstration 3: "Surfside" Contemporary Romantic Figurative. Direct painting on a warm toned canvas.
Online Art Demos - step-by-step illustrated instructional guides on a variety of oil painting topics by Welsh artist Jason Morgan, including how to paint soft feathers on mallards and ducklings, water ripples, reflections, bounced light, cottages, realistic evergreens and bushes, creating depth in your paintings, tonal painting, preparing the canvas, cleaning brushes and more  Wild life art demo - Landscape demos - Basic demos
Oil Painting Demonstrations: Workshop Tutorial - step-by-step illustrated oil painting tutorials by painter Martin Ridley, covering initial sketches & drawings for painting, final layout and start of oil painting, oil painting stages and more  
Oil Painting with Zest-it - text-based instruction on oil painting for beginners, covering basic oil painting techniques, how brushes and knives are made, why to use a palette or easel, the fat over lean principal, colour and theÝcolour wheel, colour mixingÝ, tonal values, tole painting and more  About Oils, Paint, Colour and the Colour Wheel. - Tonal Values - How brushes and knives are made. Why use a palette or easel? - One-stroke brushes - Tuition, hints, tips with free projects to try.  Gallery of Flowers painted wet-on-wet - techniques  of painting oils traditional and wet-on-wet. The fat over lean principal - Colour Mixing and Colour Mixing Extra - Here you can find out about Tole, Tole painting, or visit the Gallery  NEW project - Instructional videos on Tole and Flower painting in Oils. Reviews Plus a watercolour!  Your  questions answered about painting and terminology.
Painting About Oils  Before You Buy Oil Painting Supplies - How To Varnish an Oil Painting - 10 Tips for Oil Painters - Oil Paints Q&A - Water-Soluble Oil Paint - Heat-Set Oil Paints - Painting Water in Oils - Make Your Own Oil Paints - Oil Portrait - Zebras in Oils  
Acrylic 10 Tips for Beginner Acrylic Painters - Before You Buy Acrylic Painting Supplies - How To Varnish an Acrylic Painting  - Introduction to Acrylics - Acrylic Paints Q&A - Preparing Supports for Acrylic Painting  - Acrylic Painting Drying Information - Acrylic Mural Painting Techniques - Landscape Demonstration with Acrylics - Mixing Acrylics with Coloured Pencils
Pastels Before You Buy Pastel Art Supplies - Can I Use Hairspray to Fix Pastel? - How to Fix a Broken Pastel - How to Make Your Own Pastels - How To Select Pastel Colours  - History of Pastels - Pink Iris Pastel Demonstration - Pastel Tips & Techniques
Other All About Airbrushing - All About Chinese Brushpainting - All About Computer Art - All About Egg Tempera Painting - All About Glass Painting - All About Graffiti - All About Gourd Art.- All About Mixed Media - All About Printing - Encaustic Materials
Stencils and Stencilling Free Stencils - Stencil Class 1: How to Cut a Stencil - Stencil Class 2: How to Use a Stencil Brush - 10 Tips for Stencilling - Free African Stencils - How to Stencil - Stencil Paint Effects - Long Stencils - Stencil a Strawberry Border  - American Patriotic Stencils
Fabric painting 10 Tips for Getting Started with Fabric Paints - Book Review: Complex Cloth - A Guide to Surface Design - Book Review: Skydyes - A Visual Guide to Fabric Painting - How to Tie Dye - Creating a Floorcloth - Flower Painting on Silk - Silk Painting Decorative Effects - Mounting a Silk Painting - Tips on Batik - Batik Stamping
Face and Body Painting 10 Tips for Face Painting - Before You Buy Temporary Body Art Kits  - Face Paints Recipe - Free Henna Designs - Clown Faces - Halloween Face Painting - Tips and Techniques for Body Painting - Faces for Kids - Paint a Butterfly Face - Body Painting as Fine Art
Pastel Tips & Techniques - a detailed, illustrated guide to successful pastel painting, covering what they are and their history, papers for pastels, using textured backgrounds, colour ranges and their combinations, permanence, colour blending, opacity and layering, their usage and storage and more Papers for pastel, Using coloured backgrounds - Using textured backgrounds, Things to remember about paper, Choosing the right paper - Colour ranges and their combinations - Permanence, Colour blending - Opacity and layering,
Uncle fred Draw and color for young kids
WannaLearn.com  Free, online tutorials, lessons, guides... Acrylics - Color Theory - Murals - Oil Painting - Pastels - Watercolors
Wet Canvas Learning to look 1. aerial perspective -6 lessons perspective - the basics - perspective - lets go outside - veils of atmosphere - sunrise and sunset - reverse sunset and night - clouds, mist and other veils
2. color - lessons color the hows and whys - color a different approach - 3. looking harder - lessons painting waves[2] - shadows and transparency - 4. light and shade 4 lessons backlight works its magic - side light and turning points - front light, and artist's light - cascading light and shade
5. drawing texture design- 6 lessons drawing and proportion [2][3] - pattern and texture - design and golden mean [2] - 6. analysis -5 lessons what to paint and why - analysis of 'girl with pearl earing' - depth of field - abstract and texture work - chaos and disorder 7. practical application -31 lessons practical painting [2][3][4][5][6][7] - portraiture  [2][3][4] - demo Alexander [2][3][4][5][6] - demo nude [2][3][4][5][6][7][8][9] - framing and selling [2][3][4]
Understanding the aims Why Illusion? - Painting metals gold and chrome - silver and copper - What is photo-realism? photo-realism - The grape, the cherry and the eye! - The eye completed - Brushstrokes the painterly effect (Virgil Elliott) - the painterly effect (William Whitaker) - What makes a masterpiece? Perspective some advanced perspective  - rivers lakes and ponds  Applications the golden mean - computers and painting
[2] Painting fur,linen,satin,silk,gauze drawing - texture - paint application - Color what color to use - hue - saturation - psychology and the adjacent effect - harmony - color mixing and psychology Practical painting The earth, a smaller place? [2][3] - Roses [2] [3] - Personal paintings used here [press to see


Draw & paint a portrait - Le Dimostrazioni della Flo' Art - Il girasole in decorative (painting decorative sunflowers) - DVD Ana Maria Guimarães (painting flowers) - Luz Angela ( Portuguese) painting decorative stylized flowers - Pintura Rosas Douglas ( painting Douglas rose) - Art Techniques with Matisse Derivan - Creating Texture - how to use a round brush (comment utiliser une brosse ronde) - Painting flowers with Donna Dewberry - Marjorie harris ; how to paint roses - How To Paint With Acrylics - "Acrylics: Textures, Layers, and Metallics" - Elmer's Glue crackle 1 - 2 - 3 phases contemporary painting technique of Sérgio Prata -

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