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About Fabric Origami Workshop (Make beautiful origami from scraps of fabric.) - . Folding Diagrams (Directions to make a pyramid, starbox, tropical fish, indian face, crane, and butterfly).- Gum Wrapper Origami (Follow these directions and create a shirt and pants using gum wrappers) - . Jasper's Origami Menangerie (Jasper has many animals folded out of paper, including Kanga and Eeyore from Winnie-the-Pooh) - . Money Origami (Choose from several different designs) - - Origami Diagrams (Most of these diagrams are for folding dollar bills). - Origami Diagrams 2 (Click on your choice of Adobe Acrobat and Shockwave format, and find many patterns) - Origami Hat (Make this hat and then click on the link on the bottom of the page to make a boat out of the hat!) - Origami Swan for Beginners (Simple directions and picture for making this project.) - Pikachu Origami (Fold some paper and make this cute Pikachu!) - Pikachu Origami Version 2 (Make another origami Pikachu by folding and cutting paper.).
Prehistoric Brontosaurus Diagrams (2 pages) - Pteranodon Diagrams (1 page)
Characters Mommy heart and Baby heart Diagrams (3 pages) - Mr. Spock Diagrams (2 pages) - Mus musculus, var. famoso Diagrams (4 pages) - Uncle Skullsy Diagrams (3 pages) - Aunt Skullsy casts a spell Diagrams (4 pages) - Leprechaun Diagrams (2 pages) - Alfred Hitchcock Diagrams (1 page) - Brother Cadfael Diagrams (1 page)
Halloween Crowned Crane Diagrams (2 pages) - Twin Dancing Skeletons Diagrams (3 pages) - Ghostly Reaper Diagrams (1 page) - Reversible Ghost Diagrams (2 pages) - Halloween Cat Diagrams (2 pages) - Long Bone Diagrams (2 pages) - Scarecrow Diagrams (3 pages)
Others Clam Diagrams (2 pages) - Sloth Diagrams (2 pages) - Champagne Bottle Diagrams (1 page) - Horseshoe Crab Diagrams (2 pages) - Pocket Heart Diagrams (1 page) - Anthurium Diagrams (2 pages) - Puffin Diagrams (3 pages) - Western Grebe Diagrams (1 page) - Great Crested Grebe Diagrams (1 page) - Old Hat Diagrams (1 page) - Shamrock Diagrams (2 pages) - Foil-wrapped Chocolate Bunny Diagrams (1 page) - Cabbage White Butterfly Diagrams (1 page) and more ... New!
British origami fun with origami origags - cartoons - orijokes - not! - kamigami - short story - an origami stereogram - a paper pistol - spoof ori-books - a foil flower - Rikki Donachie's Crease-lines - Rick Nordal's surprise fold - sunglasses - banger - Practical - how to fold BOS mag & conpack database - BOSmail - members only list - creative folders - decorative folds - diagrams - Help with Elias' Animal Base - highlights from old BO magazines - links to other ori-sites - need origami experts? - oril - the mailing list - Model Database - Practical origami Creative Folders - Decorative Folding - Diagrams - Hints & Tips - Origami events - Sasaki's folding puzzles - wet folding Academic - deep thorts The history of origami - origami glossary - origami profiling - 3D folding (disaster theory!) - folding optimal polygons - Florence Temkos memoirs - folding 30/60 degree creases - folding 45/90 degree creases New!
Dave Petty's Diagrams Diagrams Model(s) of the Month a growing collection of traditional models with visual directory - DP modular work crane rings - More modular Wreaths and Rings celtic motif, modular rings, celtic garland - DP pleated work pinecone, pineapple - DP people origami samurai, origamist in his hat, pagemarker base $ heartbeat dollar action model - dice series modular pieces dice, fuzzy cube, knobbly cube, decorated Menger's sponge - bucky series modular pieces - ball, giant ball, bolster, truncated cube etc... - Animated pencil traditional model - Special Guest Folder(s) Work NEW section - Dave's down loads : all the diagrams from this site in byte-sized chunks - Clickable list of all models on this site classified by type and creator - Articles article link page - Resource link page traditional model visual directory - which books have traditional models ? - origami software available - my personal origami book recommendations - links to other origami sites - origami fonts ...
Folding Together The 'Folding Together' project brings together Israeli and Palestinian children from the Jerusalem area, to make origami. How you can help them
Joseph Wu Origami The famous origami website! Illustration - Gallery - Instructions - Articles - Links
Origamania Fold (Homepage) - 1st steps (level 1) - 1st steps (level 2) - Solfeggio Level 1 - Level 2 - Level 3 - Diagrams - Techniques - Papers - Download
Origami-Online Deutch Galery - Werbung (origami with advertisings) - Miniaturen ( miniatures) - Tesselation - Eigen ideen (own ideas) - Tiere (animals) - Modular - Geldscheine (with dollars) - Palmenblätter (palm sheets) - Tips New!
Paperfolding diagrams Chatterbox Orchid - Crab (traditional) - Daffodil - Jumping Frog - Kusudama - Leaf (traditional) - Lily Pad - Lovers' Knot (traditional) - Persimmon (traditional) - Rose Calyx - Rose Leaf - Three Birds Orchid - Walden's Orchid - Waterbomb (traditional) - Water Lily (traditional) New!
Pasquale D'Auria Diagrammi To begin Simboli ( symbols) - Basi (bases) - Animals Cigno (Swan) - Uccello ( bird ) - Topolino (mouse) - Segnalibro gatto (cat bookmark) - Delfino (dolphin) - Fenicottero rosa ( pink flamingo) - Geco (lizard) - Gufo (owl) - Branzino (fish) - Merlo Shama ( blackbird ) - Stella marina 1 (sea star) - Stella marina 2 (sea star) - Giraffa - Aquila di mare (Aquila of sea) - Murena - Pellicano - Pinne - Il momento del bisogno (dog & tree) - Objects Orecchini (earings) - Struzzo - Barchetta (littlre boat) - Spilla a chiocciola - Fantasma - Windsurf - Aereo Boomerang - Tavolo con sedie (table and chairs)- Caffè (coffee set) - Anatra domestica (domestic duck) - Cubo portafotografie (cube for photos) - Lego - Grammofono - Decorazione New!

Obachan Fusako Yatsuka,makes very beautiful japanese washi dolls! She made these beautiful dolls only with paper cotton and wire. New!

Paper planes

BestPaperAirplanes.com Various models of planes Deltry - Tumbler - Zump - Spike - Slider - Katydid - Moth and some birds Canada Goose - Condor - Duck
Cape CanaveralAbout airplanes, some diagrams and articles about aeronotic...
Ken Blackburn's World The paper planes; with articles New!
Paper Airplane HangarSeveral diagrams *, advics to build and make flying...
.PC Help Group 12 different models, from airplain to rockets and fliying wings.
PlanesA lot ofmodels of planes...


Flying Pig Paper models you make that move. Easy to assemble, fun to share, great gifts...
GHH Envelope and Letterfolding
Paper Forest About 40 ways to fold a sheet of paper into an envelope.
Walter Ruffler Paper machines.


Paper cuting - kirigami

Chinese papercut some sample of Chinese Papercuts.
Kirigami models cut from a piece of light card or heavy paper
NTIEVA North Texas Institute for Educators on the Visual Arts. Papel Picado : the art of mexican cut paper
Seu Exemples of paper cuting.
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