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Puppets and marionnettes

Puppets informations

Center for Puppetry The Center for Puppetry Arts is a unique cultural treasure - a magical place where children and adults are educated, enlightened and entertained. Since 1978, the Center has introduced millions of visitors to the wonder and art of puppetry Performances - Museum - Education - Special events
Puppeteers of America Provides information, encourages performances, and builds a community of people who love puppet theatre. Resources Puppet places - Puppet Collections - Resource Guide - Job Referrals - PofA for Kids - Puppetry in Education & Therapy : News & Events
Puppet resources free puppet scripts, skits, plays, and resources.
Swazzle Puppet shows - Schedule - Behind scene : Puppet designe - Pupet building - set painting - Videos - Videos "Save Xmas" - New!
Unima Institut International de la Marionnette Festivals - Museums and Expositions - Training places - New!

Puppets How-to New!

Puppeteers' Cooperative Home Page Simple Puppets: Fathead*/ Purely Cardboard*/ Pole Dragon/ Face Banner*/ Star Banner*/ Hat Cat*/ Opera Singer*/ Totem*/ Flier*/ Jo's Penguin/ Shimmy Dancer/ Hattifatner/ Other (Flapping Angel)*
Backpacks: About Backpacks*/ Jo's Ladies*/ Jose's Ecstatic/ Demonoid*/ Hep Cat*/ Skeleton*
Animals: Two-person Fish/ Cats and Dogs*/ Riding Horse*/ Wire Demon*/ Circus Stilt Ape/ One-person horse*/ Two-person Cat*/ Four-person Beast*/ Frog*/ Other Animals - Birds: Bread and Puppet Flying Bird*/ Flapping-wing Bird*/ Heron*/ Amusing Bird*/ Wire Bird*/ Stilt Bird - Dragons: Ground Dragon*/ Half-hoop Caterpiller*/ Half-hoop Dragon/ Mermaid/ Heads/ Tails/ Other Dragons*
Giant Puppets: Kid-King*/ Preying Mantis/ Mr. America*/ Poseidon*/ Flora*/ Dorchester African King*/ RISD Fisherman*/ Samba Dancer*/ George's Jumping Jack Death Hoop and Cloth Puppets: Wiggletree*/ Mr. Punch*/ Big Fish/ Big Croc*
Puppets 2000 Follow these simple directions to make your own "Dancing Scarecrow" marionette or rod/hand puppet and entertain your family and friends. Stuffy the scarecrow - Inchy the inchworm
Tim & Tania Anything Can Be a Puppet!


Association québécoise des marionnettistes (AQM) Puppetry in Ontario Marionnettes du bout du Monde
Indian Puppets - Leather Puppets of India - Article and pictures on the rapidly vanishing form of leather puppetry in India. -Tolubommalata: South Indian Shadow Puppetry - Information on the Shadow Puppet performing tradition found in the Telugu speaking areas of South India. - Indian Puppetry - Vpuppets
UNIMA Association pour le Théâtre de Marionnettes - Musée Suisse de la marionnette de Fribourg

Puppet Stores

Hartz Puppetry Puppet maker.
Puppet Port Puppets, puppet scripts, puppet building supplies/materials, songs, stage & lighting equipment, etc. Family related/educational products and services.


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